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Mike has been playing gongs steadily since 2015, when we purchased our first one.  We now have 6 gongs and 7 crystal singing bowls.  We have a high-end Sonos sound system and a 16-foot ceiling with these amazing angles and coves for the sound to bounce off, creating a uniquely prime space for sound therapy.  Mike offers gong training as well for up to 3 students at once.  You must have your own gong to play at home.
Mike offers sound therapy every Sunday at around 6 pm for you or you and your friends, but the class is open to the public for up to 11 people.  He will also take private sessions at a time convenient for you.  Just call or text Andrea to set up an appointment.


Andrea is a retired psychologist, and a 500- RYT instructor with 2 different kundalini yoga teacher trainings, a Yin Yoga training, and two mini-certifications from LUCAS ROCKWOOD with YogaBody in flexibility training and deep stretching.  
She offers Kundalini Yoga, stretching and flexibility training, Yin Yoga and restorative postures by request,  private sessions for talk therapy, yoga, meditation, or anything else within her skill set.

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Our mission is to provide a healing experience to all who enter our home/studio and to allow for whatever transformation of energy is needed by those who land here.  Our mission is to welcome and expect the True Self to express, without judgement or repercussion.  Our mission is to be happy, relaxed and free of dogmatic belief systems, and to practice and teach Kundalini Yoga and other movement modalities, as it has been taught to us, through the wisdom of our direct teachers and students, from whom we have the honor to continually learn.

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