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Kundalini Yoga in Detroit About Us

Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a healing experience to all who enter our home/studio; to allow  for whatever transformation of energy is needed by those who land here.  Our mission is to welcome and expect the True Self to express, without judgement or repercussion.  Our mission is to be happy, relaxed and free of dogmatic belief systems which divide us rather than unite us, and to practice and teach Kundalini Yoga as it has been taught to us, through the chain of teachers and students, from whom we have the honor to continually learn.


A Little More About Us

Sat Nam!

Mike and Andrea bought the home on Oak Drive in Detroit in 2010, and started taking Kundalini Yoga classes from Kimberly Ramjeet Douglas in Ferndale, MI.  When she closed Inspiration Yoga, we found it difficult to find a Kundalini Yoga practice nearby.  Ramjeet encouraged us to make our attic space into a yoga room and invite friends over for yoga. In 2015 we completed the renovations and started offering yoga once a week, with another day where Andrea taught Yin Yoga. We and our core group of yogis taught each other each week--so much fun! In 2017 we took the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training from KRI in Ann Arbor, MI (deep gratitude for our teachers Mahan Rishi, Nirbhe Kaur, Keval Kaur, Nirmal Singh, Pritpal Singh, and Billie Mohinder Whalen)  and we were certified Level 1 Instructors in 2018. We are now open 4 days a week, and have expanded our capacity to include Gong Immersions, Workshops, Sangat, Aquarian Sadhanas, House Concerts, and major workshop events such as "How To Let the Light In" with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa this September, and "A Journey Through the Chakras" and, with enough interest, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Ravi Singh, both in 2020.

We are taking Yin Yoga Teacher Training in November and expect to offer this form in 2020.

Classes are:

Saturday Yoga 10:00 am

Monday Yoga 6:30 pm

Wednesday Yoga 6:30 pm

Thursday Gong Immersion 7 pm

We ask that you text to join us at 

(313) 516-6115 as a courtesy, and to avoid coming when there might be a last minute cancellation.

Doors open 30 minutes early.

Classes are $15

We serve tea and a snack at end of class if you wish to stay and chat.

You may book online or pay at the door, or use PayPal, credit card, Zelle, Cash App or Venmo to pay before class.


Meet Kundalini Yoga in Detroit

Sat Nam!

As fresh Kundalini Yoga Instructors, our goal has been to help your body and mind connect. Situated in Detroit, in the area called the University District, we open our home to you to come to the yoga of self-awareness in a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere.  We practice this unique form of action which is made for beginners to Yoga. Everybody is welcome!  Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle? Come to a neighborhood Yoga class!

We are currently expanding.  We offerred a weeknd workshop with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa in September 2019.  He is the former director of KRI, the Kundalini Yoga teacher training institute and archive of all Yogi Bhajan material, author of the training manual The Aquarian Teacher, and also the 21 Stages of Mediation, Breathwalk, and The Mind (see our shop to purchase a signed copy)  and, coming next year,  a Workshop with the legendary 40+ year Teacher Ravi Singh (a lifelong student of Yogi Bhajan and creator of Kundalini Yoga Evolution Revolution, and a NEW YOGA UNION)!  We will host a KY Teacher Training in May of 2020 with Ravi Singh for those who want to deepen their practice, and for those who want to teach KY. 

Visit for more information

We are partnered with The Listening Network to hold House Concerts.  Our first one was held June 25th, 2019.  Stay tuned!