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Yoga, Addiction, Recovery Full Body Tune-Up

Yoga, Addiction, Recovery Full Body Tune-Up


This DVD is out of print, and not available on Amazon, Ebay, or Spirit Voyage.  I met Tommy Rosen at Sat Nam Fest in 2019, and he mailed me 25 of these DVDs!  You will not find a better beginning class of Kundalini Yoga on DVD!  Tommy is instantly likable and his form and style is impeccable.  You will treasure this DVD.

Tommy Rosen is a certified Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher with over 30 years experience assisting others to transcend addiction.  This DVD has 3 yoga sets, including a Vinyasa Flow class, and Basic Spinal Energy Series.  It has 3 powerful meditations, and lots of yogic philosophy to support recovery.  I have personally seen this video tranform young people and +60-year-olds alike, as they learned to quiet their minds and gently exercise their bodies every day.  A true gem of a video, out of print and only available here at KYD!



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