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Are you supported and loved? Or abandoned and trivialized?

Is it true that “the universe,” God, Oneness, consciousness, spirit, fortune, fate, or some higher power, is always looking for, and providing us with, ways to support our earthly mission?

I suppose the answer does not lie here, in the question. The answer, of course, lies within the asker, not from without the asker. The question is formed in the mind, asked by the thinker, and the mind expects a yes or no answer. The mind has difficulty with holding duality in balance. The Asker always feels viscerally separate, until they don’t anymore. But the feeling of “in here” and “out there” not being the same thing? It’s completely believable until and unless you really look with serious intent, at who and what you are.

So the answer, quote unquote, is BOTH YES AND NO ARE TRUE, or, conversely, BOTH ARE FALSE.

M.C. Escher: Relativity, 1953

And if that’s the truth, then what you choose to believe and live your life in concert with is, actually, entirely up to you.

If you say no, then live your life believing in the randomness, pointlessness and meaninglessness of the Universe.

If you say yes, then live your life believing in the synchronicities, the karma, and the meaningfulness of the Universe.

But I want to remind you, the Universe is not meaningless, any more than it is meaningful. The Universe is YOU.

YOU ARE IT, MAN! (Alan Watts) (5 minute video below)

So. Such as it is, such as you are, such is Suchness.

Why do I write these blog posts? To enlighten, yes, but ultimately to pique your interest in taking a class, or coming for a gong immersion. We are building a community of like-minded people here. Bring a friend along and hang out with us!

It's an effortless chance to be in your body, making it feel alive and loved, and give your mind a break, because it absolutely isn't necessary that you think during yoga and meditation! This is a true gift you give to yourself.

Sat nam, and thanks for watching,


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Love your blogs Andrea…. feels like you are speaking directly to me with deep insight and awareness

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