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The Third Eye

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Sat Nam, welcome in.

The sixth chakra (as Mike and I understand this system, based on Hindu thought) is the Ajna chakra, or the Guru Chakra. Guru--that which moves us to the Light out of Darkness.

You see with your two eyes what is right in front of you at present.

The third eye sees what has happened in the past, and what will happen in the future. It is the seat of your intuition.

Intuition says,

“Don’t run over there, it will change your current path and waste precious time.”

“Do go and have lunch with this person; she has things to say that you need to hear.”

“Take this course at the local school: It will be life-changing.”

“Be still today.”

“Follow all the rules of the road today, don’t speed, full stop at stop signs, and don’t run yellow lights.”

“Watch this movie, not that movie.”

“Listen to the conversation you are overhearing right now.”

“Allow the other person to talk, and feel any irritation fully, and do not interrupt. Do not respond, and let it go.”

“Step in here and help this person overcome an obstacle—do it NOW.”

“I feel uncomfortable with this energy/person, let’s move on.”

“Do for this person the favor they ask.”

“Believe what you are seeing right now, rather than seeing what you believe.”

And so on.

I have read a lot of complicated pieces on the internet about Ajna, and I invite you to, as well. But for me, this higher chakra represents our ability to listen to the part of our self (not the egoic self, or the personality, but the True Self) that Knows.

Listen, trust, and abide by her.

I think we listen to our internal conversation all day long, as we make each choice, even the seemingly innocuous ones, like orange juice or tomato juice for breakfast. But most of us usually disregard it as nonsense, as stream-of-consciousness, as mental chatter.

Start listening carefully. Begin to follow the “still small voice.”

Don’t run over there, stay put and allow them to come to you.

Just for right now, drive very mindfully, when the voice comes up and tells you to.

Be extra careful with this person, for whatever reason, and walk away from that person, because you are abiding by your intuition.

Choose to listen to what is being said behind you in line, if you get the message to listen. If you get the message to not listen, then stop your ears.

You may never know what you are avoiding when you choose behaviors in alignment with your soul, but notice if you perhaps seem to be less saddled with “bad luck.” Notice if you seem calmer, less stressed, if the drama in your life begins to abate.

Notice if the small interactions you have with people, arise as important to you in another situation, a day or two later.

Notice the TV program you chose to watch, if it doesn’t have some message you need to be aware of in your own life.

This chakra is what is enlightened just ahead of a full awakening experience, if that is what is needed for a person to really come into their Truth.

How do we develop it? There is inner work to be done, and each of us has our own journey as we awaken each chakra, through our practice of human doing/being.

Come to a kundalini yoga class, and find out more about yourself. There are meditations, asanas, pranayama and mudras that all help awaken your egoic self to the True Self, who communicates to you though this Third Eye.

Sat Nam, and thanks for tuning in.

Andrea Fiondo

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